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GIVEAWAY: 10 x Tiltpod Mobile Tripod Keychain Stands For iPhone 4/4S [WINNERS]

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Last week, we introduced you to Gomite Tiltpod Mobile, a pocket-sized quick-connect tripod stand for iPhone 4/4S and as promised, we’re now giving away 10 of these tripod keychains, each worth $14.95.

We have 10 x Gomite Tiltpod Mobile tripod stands for iPhone 4/4S to give away. As always, anyone can enter and win for free. Here’s what you need to do to enter the contest:

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  1. Tweet this post by clicking on the “Tweet” button at the end of the post.
  2. Like Official Tiltpod Page on Facebook..
  3. Follow @iPhoneInCanada & @DrUsmanQ (thats me) on Twitter so we can get to you via a Direct Message if you win. Otherwise we will have no way to contactyou directly.

NOTE: If you also leave a comment below, this will increase your chances of winning. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter ID with it.

[UPDATE] Giveaway Winners Announcement:

Here are our lucky winners:

  1. Ryan (@ryantoyota)
  2. Xywix
  3. Keith Takayesu (@skydivertak)
  4. Adriano Mancino (@thetekknowguy)
  5. Jean Richer (@JeanRicher)
  6. Erik Kappel (@erikkappel)
  7. Darren Bezzant (@dbezzant)
  8. JDSB (@Dark_Phoenix00x)
  9. Daniel (@ddn2003)
  10. TheScottandLenShow (@scottandlenshow)

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to everyone who participated!

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