Review: BATTLESHIP SUNK! with iBattleships

Hey all!

Today I have for review a game that everyone has played. It is called “iBattleships” and is a fun re-make of classic Battleship!

iBattleships by Antonio Lo Giudice

iBattleships is the classic Battleship game we all know and love, but this one is optimized for the iPhone experience! The game plays exactly like any original Battleship game and is actually one of the better ones I have seen for the iPhone in the iTunes AppStore.

The game is a 3D take on the classic where you have two boards, yours and the enemy’s, displayed in front of you. In the opening of the game, you place your battleships on the board and then you use the other board labeled “Player” to take your shots. The navigation of the game consists of a “scroll-ball” type navigator on the top right corner. You use this to place your ships and to move your targeting point around to areas you want to shoot. The “Fire” button is how to launch your attack. The “scroll-ball” can be a little confusing a times because of the angle at which the boards are placed, however you pick it up quite quickly.

As the game begins, you aim your target on the water and fire, hoping for the best! If you miss, you get a realistic splashing sound indicating your failure. If you get a hit, you receive a satisfy explosion sound! With every confirmed hit, you get one more additional shot, so you could potentially eliminate an entire boat if your aim is right. If you are so lucky to destroy a boat, you are rewarded with a fantastic alarm sound and some dramatic dialog followed by the sound of bubbles from the sinking ship you just sent to Davy Jones’ Locker. Aye..

You continue this until all the ships are eliminated, which is your primary goal; destroy the ships as fast as possible. The faster you win with less misses will give you a higher rank at the end of the game.  Which ever rank you receive, Admiral for example, it is posted to the Officer High Score list.

iBattleships also comes with 2 play modes; Player vs iPhone and Player vs Player. This is where it gets really fun! iBattleships allows you to play the game with another iPhone using Wi-Fi on your local network. This was a blast! You can play throughout your home, work, or school, so long as you are on the same Wi-Fi network and you each have the game.

You can pick up iBattleships at the iTunes AppStore for $3.99 but I am going to get one of you started today with one free copy!

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