Review: Boost your sound with SoundClip

Hey all!

Today I have for review what I think is the smallest iPhone 3G accessory I have ever seen. It is called “SoundClip” and it is a passive sound enhancer for the iPhone 3G.

SoundClip by Ten One Design

SoundClip is a tiny, tiny accessory that clips to the Dock connector of your iPhone 3G and features a tuned conical deflection chamber that is designed to make the sound from your iPhone 3G louder, clearer, and better. Due to the clever design of SoundClip, sound is reflected toward you, instead of away, so games, movies, music, and calls all sound more involved. Check out their website here for sound tests!

SoundClip amplifies your iPhone audio by about 10dB, resulting in a much cleaner and more accurate response than just the regular built-in iPhone speaker. Storage of SoundClip is also made easy by a cord-gripping feature that keeps SoundClip fastened to the iPhone USB cable during syncing and/or charging.

SoundClip can be picked up from Ten One Designs Online Store for $7.95.


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