Review: Chat, flirt, and swear in 42 languages with Lingopal!

Hey all!

Today I have a fun app for you. It is called Lingopal and it allows you to chat, flirt, and swear (FTW!) in over 42 different languages!!!

Lingopal by Lingopal Holdings Pty Ltd

Lingopal is a multilanguage phrasebook that should be a companion to anyone who does a lot of worldwide travelling. As I mentioned, you get access to over 42 languages and within each language you have access to over 900 phrases PER language!

Lingopal is also extremely easy to use. Once you turn on the app, you choose your language (English), then select your gender (Male), and then the language that you wish to speak (Italian). Then you choose one of 23 cateogries depending on what you want to say. The categories include such items as Shopping, Directions, Flirting, Emergencies, and etc.

Once you do that, you can now choose the phrase that you want. When you choose the phrase, the iPhone will audibly announce it via its speaker or it will display it on the screen. However, you can also try your luck at saying it, which you may mess up, but if you’re flirting, that will probably score some points under the “cute” factor!

Another great thing about Lingopal is it does not require an internet connection, so the application is fully available to all iPhone and iPod Touch owners without the use of data or WiFi.

Lingopal can be picked up in the iTunes AppStore for $3.99 but I will give away one promo code today to the first person to comment below at least 10 languages that are supported by Lingopal!


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