Review: DON’T DIAL!, it will save you

Today we an application review called “Dont’ Dial!” and this app is going to save you from making terrible mistakes!

Don’t Dial by Cuttlefish Industries

Ok folks, this app is amazing. I love it so much that I am just going to get right into what it does and how it works.

First, you open the application and see the first screen above.

You tap “I’m going out!” The next screen is where you add contacts from your existing contact list in your iPhone. After that, you move to the next screen where you are given a choice of how to “lock” the contacts. You may lock the contacts either by time lock, of which you choose the time upto 24 hours, or by password, in which you would have a friend (“Designated Dialer”) set a password and they will reveal that password to you when they think you are ready. Then you click Lock and your chosen contacts are locked!

You may be wondering what this app is exactly. Well, this application is designed to prevent you from calling/emailing/texting someone in your contact list after you have had a night at the local bar or party. Everyone knows atleast one person that has had a bit too much to drink, called a friend or co-worker or past relationship partner and made themselves sound like a fool or jerk. Well, not anymore with Dont’ Dial!

The beauty of this application is that it is so easy to choose the contacts you want to block; it only requires a few simple taps and you’re all done!

So, continuing from above, you lock your selected contacts and then leave for the night. The next morning when you get home, run Don’t Dial again and all of the contacts are restored back to normal. The app is alot of fun and extremely useful!

However, you really need to try this application to get the full feel of it. This is why I am giving away not one, but TWO promo codes for Don’t Dial! All you have to do is send me (x1zero [at] a funny experience of when you or someone you know contacted someone after being a little “tipsy”. The more details, the better. But keep it PG-13.   🙂

Note: The promo codes are for the USA AppStore only, so click here to learn how to make a USA iTunes Account in under a minute.

For those of you that may not get a promo code, head over to the iTunes AppStore and pick up Don’t Dial while it is on sale! It’ll be your most responsible $.99 cents spent on an app.