Review: Outplay your iPhone with iZilch

iZilch is the name of the game and all you have to do is beat your iPhone…if you can!

iZilch by Crystal Springs Software

iZilch is a dice game for the iPhone or iPod Touch that makes use of the accelerometer in that you simply shake the device to roll the dice.

The object of iZilch is to score 3000 points before the iPhone does and you score points by shaking the dice and moving them into the “dice scoring area”. Depending on which face value of the dice you move into the scoring area will determine your score. Any left over dice that you did not move can be shaken again to try and get more points. You can also move your dice placed in the scoring area back into play to try and get a higher score with three of kind, for example. Once you are happy with your selection, you “stay” and then it is the iPhone’s turn. If you do not score any points during a roll, you get “Zilch”, hence the games name.

The scoring is quite simple; a face value of 5 is 50 points, 1 is 100 points, 3 of a kind of 2 is 200 points and so on. I have posted an image of the points layout below.

The game is quite addicting, especially because I find it to be a great strategy game in that you need to decide whether or not to keep the dice you have scored in the scoring area or put them back into play and try for a three of kind or six of kind, which is where the real scoring is.

Currently, iZilch is available in the iTunes AppStore for $0.99.

However, I will be giving away a promo code to the first person to post below how many points you get on a six of kind roll!


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