2-in-1 iPhone Cable Organizer/Charging Dock, $12.99 Shipped [Deals]

If you’re always grappling with your iPhone, iPad mini or iPod’s USB charging cable, you might want to consider the Goldie organizer/charging dock from our Deals Store.

This ingenious little unit slips over your stock charger and combines a built-in cable organizer and stand, so your device will never have to sit on the floor ever again. Brilliant.

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Here are the top features:

  • “Goldie” is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini two-prong (US-style) charger
  • Simple, colourful design adds personality and makes your charger easy to identify
  • Doubles as a charging stand so everything’s in one place
  • Note: the charger is not included
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The Goldie 2-in-1 cable organizer and charging dock is on sale for 18% off at $12.99, which includes free shipping to Canada and the USA.

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