Save 30% Off Apple Watch Series 4 with Sport Chek and Shoppers Drug Mart

Apple watch series 4 sport chek

We recently told you Apple Watch Series 4 and its electrocardiogram (ECG) feature was recently approved by Health Canada, with Apple confirming the feature was indeed set to launch here “as quickly as possible.”

The confirmation of new heart health features coming to Canada means it is now the time to pick up an Apple Watch Series 4. If you want to save 30% off your Apple Watch Series 4 GPS model, the following deal at Sport Chek and Shopper Drug Mart will allow you to do just that.

Starting June 1, 2019, Shoppers Drug Mart has a sale on Sport Chek gift cards, offering 10% off. Head there and purchase enough Sport Chek gift cards to cover your Apple Watch Series 4 purchase.

Starting May 30 to June 5, 2019, Sport Chek is offering a 50x bonus on Canadian Tire money on Apple Watch Series 4 purchases, which works out to the equivalent of 20% off. So all you do is use your discounted Sport Chek gift cards from Shoppers to pay for your watch in-store (online only allows two gift cards maximum), and you’ll end up saving 30% off your Apple Watch Series 4.

Some work is involved but if there’s a Shoppers Drug Mart and Sport Chek close to each other in your community, the buying process definitely will be much easier.

For example, Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $519 for the 40mm aluminum GPS model. Saving 30% off means it works out to $155.70 off, for a final total of $363.30. Sure, the 20% off savings will be in Canadian Tire money, but that’s still money you will get to spend at some point.

Sport Chek says “selection and availability may vary by location,” so it’s probably best to call your local store to find out Apple Watch Series 4 stock, before you plunk down purchases on gift cards from Shoppers.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this. Apple should announce the ECG app for Canada at either WWDC next week, or this fall when they are expected to launch new iPhones.

[via RFD]