Amazon Deal: Popular 1080p Yi Dashcam for $42.99, Includes 16GB Memory Card

Yi dashcam amazon deal

Dashcams aren’t just popular in mother Russia anymore, as prices have dropped tremendously over the years making the cameras affordable for the everyday consumer. has a sale right now on the YI Dashcam, available for $42.99 after you redeem the $5 off coupon. With included 16GB memory, this is a solid deal.

The camera offers 1080p HD recording at 60 fps, with a 165-degree wide-angle lens, able to capture everything in front of your vehicle. Recording at 2304 x 1296 resolution at 30 fps is also available. Loop recording means you never need to touch the camera, just set it and forget it (like the Showtime Rotisserie Oven).

The dashcam comes with a 2.7-inch LCD widescreen and the camera can be controlled by the YI Dash Cam iOS or Android app for easy Wi-Fi access to your videos.

With “G-Sensor technology”, the YI Dashcam will automatically save a recording before and after any accident or event occurs. The camera’s sensor also can capture imaging at night and the wide-angle can see three lanes of traffic.

Nobody needs a dashcam until you get into an accident, right? Footage captured by a dashcam can easily solve any arguments when it comes to an accident and can help fast track your insurance claim.

Click here to jump on the YI Dashcam while it’s still available for $42.99 on

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