Amazon Echo on Sale for 23% Off at $99.99, Echo Dot 43% Off at $39.99

A smart speaker sale has started today, with Amazon and Google speakers on sale. Amazon has slashed the price of their Echo and Echo Dot to $99.99 and $39.99 respectively.

The price cut comes as Google Home and Google Home Mini discounts have started today across a variety of retailers such as Best Buy, The Source, and more (seems like almost every electronics retailer), priced at $99.99 and $39.99 as well, which are prices we saw during last year’s Boxing Day.

Store flyers had been advertising these upcoming sales well in advance, and it looks like Amazon has taken notice of the price cuts and made their own money moves to match.

Amazon echo dot

Echo is on sale for 23% off at $99.99, saving you $30, while the smaller Echo Dot is available for $39.99, saving you 43% off, or $30.

Echo speakers are powered by Alexa, while Google speakers are powered by Google Assistant. If you’ve already chosen a side, this is a good time to pick some more speakers up for a discount.