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Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable and 20W USB-C Power Adapter (2-Pack) Available for $79

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CleanShot 2021 05 31 at 09 53 31 recently added a new accessory combo from Apple, offering the company’s USB-C to Lightning cable and 20W USB-C power adapter 2-pack, for $79.99 CAD with free shipping.

Update: According to iPhone in Canada reader Arnold, these are available as a single set in warehouses for $39.99, instead of the double set online.

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The cable length is 1 metre and the combo with the 20W USB-C power adapter allows for faster charging of your iPhone 8 or later.

If you were to buy these items separately from (they’re $25 each), it would cost you $100 total, so the combo from Costco saves you $20.

Other items available on right now from Apple include select models of the company’s M1 iPad Pro.

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