Complete Apple Watch Developer Course on Sale for 85% Off at $29 [Deals]

Apple recently announced all developers now are welcome to submit their own Apple Watch apps to the App Store. With Apple Watch’s launch quickly approaching on April 24, now is the time get cracking on your own app.

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Thankfully, our Deals Store has the Complete Apple Watch Developer Course available, on sale for 85% off at $29 USD. Here, you’ll learn how to build 15 Apple Watch apps using Objective-C and Apple’s Swift language—no coding experience required.


  • Watch more than 240 video lectures with 13+ hours of content
  • Study popular iOS languages Swift, Objective-C, and more
  • Build 15 apps & games
  • Download Xcode & gain fundamental skills
  • Get source codes for the apps you will build
  • Reskin & modify free app source code
  • Build the following apps & more: Knight Rider’s KITT voice box, Hello World, Finger Tap Count, Random Number Generator, Egg Timer

With over 240 video lectures and over 13 hours of content that comes with lifetime access, why struggle to figure out how to create an Apple Watch app when this course can do the heavy lifting for you?

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