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Apple Watch Series 5 Deal: How to Save 33% Off at Sport Chek

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Apple watch 50x CT money

Apple is expected to refresh its Apple Watch and introduce a Series 6 model this fall, which means some deals on its current Series 5 line up is possible.

Sport Chek has a 50x Canadian Tire money event that launched today, equivalent to 20% off your Apple Watch purchase. This bonus event goes until September 9, 2020.

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But even more savings can be had if you buy discounted 15% off Sport Chek gift cards at Canadian Tire—sale ends today.

So the math is as follows…(someone double-check please!)

  • Apple Watch Series 5 GPS 44mm: $569 x 13% tax = $642.97
  • 50x Canadian Tire Money savings (20% cash back): -$113.80
  • 15% off Sport Chek gift cards ($643 worth): -$96.45
  • $642.97 – $113.80 – $96.45 = $432.72
  • Savings: $210.25 or 33% off after tax

Sport Chek online only can accept up to two gift cards max, so if you’re going to pay with gift cards you’ll need to do this in-store. Employees should have no issue when you show up with 13 x $50 gift cards (lol).

Again, there’s some work involved here but if you have been waiting for one of the best Apple Watch Series 5 deals, head out to your local Canadian Tire now to buy 15% off Sport Chek gift cards, as the sale on the gift cards ends today on August 27, 2020.

If you have a Canadian Tire Mastercard, there’s a 20x CT money which can be stacked on top, if you can’t buy discounted Sport Chek gift cards today. 20x CT money works out to 8% in cash back, or $45.52. If you combine this with the 50x CT money, you’re ‘only’ saving 25% off after tax.

[via RFD]

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