Apple Watch Series 7 On Sale for $80 Off, Apple Watch SE for $70 Off

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If you’re looking to buy the latest Apple Watch Series 7, it’s on sale right now on, along with the Apple Watch SE, in various colours.

Apple Watch Series 7 is being slashed by $80 off, down to $488.99 for the 45mm GPS version, while the 41mm GPS version is also at $80 off, down to $448.99.

It looks like Costco is undercutting some other authorized Apple retailers that also have the Series 7 on sale, such as The Source by $1.

As for Apple Watch SE, the 40mm size is on sale for $70 off at $294.99, while the 44mm size is also $70 off at $329.99.

Costco also still has the Apple Watch Series 6 on clearance, with the 44mm GPS version available at $399.97 and 40mm at $369.97.

Buying an Apple Watch from Costco means you have a rock-solid return policy that goes beyond the typical 14 days from other retailers.

Apple is rumoured to launch Apple Watch Series 8 this fall, so keep that in mind if you’re about to jump on the Series 7.