Get a Durable 10-Foot MFi-Certified Lightning Cable for $19.99, Shipped Free [Deals]

There’s nothing worse than seeing your iPhone or iPad’s battery hit low when you really need it. Even worse is when you have to charge it and need to be stuck as a ‘wall hugger’. That can change though, as our Deals Store has a braided 10-foot/3 metre long Lightning Cable that’s MFi-certified, available for 33% off at $19.99 USD, shipped free to Canada and beyond.

Braided lightning cable

With its durable nylon braiding, this cable is tangle-free, plus contains quality copper wiring and is extra long so you can surf on the couch while using your iPhone or iPad. Since it’s Apple-certified, you can rest assured it’s been approved to safely charge your devices unlike cheap third party knockoffs.

Mfi braided cable


  • Extremely durable
  • Tangle-free, oxygen-free copper wiring
  • 100% compatible w/ all Lightning devices
  • Contains a unique Apple-verified serial number & authorization chip
  • Extra long (10 feet) for charging from bed, the couch, or at your desk

Braided lightning cable 10ft

Never run out of juice ever again with your iPhone or iPad as this super long cord will keep you running all day and night.

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