Cineplex Offering $3 Movie Tickets on September 3

cineplex $3 movie ticket

Cineplex is launching a $3 movie ticket sale on Saturday, September 3, 2022, to celebrate National Cinema Day.

The company emailed customers to say, “it doesn’t get much better than this,” adding, “come celebrate National Cinema Day at Cineplex with $3.00(+tax) movie tickets for any experience including UltraAVX, VIP, IMAX, 3D, D-BOX, ScreenX, 4DX and Clubhouse!”.

Seats can be reserved now online or via the Cineplex app for Saturday movies and early showtimes are mostly sold out in our area. Movie tickets purchase still will be eligible to earn SCENE+ points, according to the fine print.

This is a cheap way to watch Top Gun: Maverick for $3 in theatres. You can offset your movie ticket savings by purchasing a $15 small bag of popcorn (splurge on real butter).