Costco Wireless Promo: Rogers, Bell Small Business Plans with $600 Credits Per Line

Bell and Rogers have launched a promotion for small business plans at Costco wireless kiosks, offering $600 in credits per line, for a minimum of two lines. Apple’s iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X and iPhone 8 are eligible for this promotion.

In order to qualify, you must have a GST or HST number, and you need to be porting over from another carrier.

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In a nutshell, you will get $300 port in credits per line, plus an additional $50-$300 in activation credits per line, depending on the upfront cost of the phone you’re choosing.

Premium Plans offer less payment upfront, but that reduces your activation credit. If you pay at least $250 upfront for your device, you’ll most likely get the full $300 device credit.

Minimum plans start from $67 for your first line and $49.50 for additional lines to $81/$95/$100+ for first line and $63/$76/$80+ for each additional line, plus taxes.

On top of the $600 in credit per line, Costco is also offering a cash card based on your phone purchased, with the iPhone 8 coming with a $250 cash card. Costco gift cards ranging from $25 to $325 are based on your monthly plan and phone choice.

The $35 activation fee can also be possibly waived depending on Costco location, while those looking to buy AppleCare or extra warranties, can apply their Costco Cash cards towards the upfront cost.

Depending on Costco location, you can also get free accessories on top like car chargers, phone cases, screen protectors and more.

This small business plan promotion, according to members on RFD, is ending on December 31, but some have noted it is ending on January 3, 2018. So it’s best to find out from your local Costco warehouse.

Below is a recent example of what a RFD user was able to get at the Willingdon Costco in Burnaby, BC, for an iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR:

From Costco Willington on 30-Dec
Rogers port in to Bell Network
Plan: 67.50 + 50
10 GB Share Data, Canada Unlimited, Second line US Unlimited Calling

iPhone Xs Max 64GB: 857 CAD – 600 Bill Credit
Apple Care – 175 – 100 Costco GC (can cancel in 30 days)
No Costco gift card (100 gift card for ultra plan, but plan price goes to 94 vs. 67.50)

iPhone Xr 64 GB: 330 CAD – 600 Bill Credit – 200 Costco GC
Apple Care – 220- 100 Costco GC (can cancel in 30 days)

Addl. 50 Costco GC as I haven’t chosen any accessories from them.

Used all GCs for upfront payments.. So Final Upfront payment was 1,293 CAD (after redeeming 450 GC).

Entire process took 20 minutes and no waiting in line. Not forced to buy any accessories or apple care.
Got last Xs Max in stock.
XS or Mate 20 Pro are not available which are my preferable phones.

If you have a small business, your best bet is to hit up your local Costco and be prepared for a wait at the wireless kiosk to nab this port in deal. They don’t deal with activations over the phone or email, so you have to actually visit the store.

For those without a business, right now Costco is advertising $225-$300 cash cards for those signing up with Bell, Rogers, Fido or Virgin, on top of a $50 cash card towards a protection plan, bonus minutes and a bonus charger.