FlightHub’s Top Five Essential Travel Apps

Technology and travel have become synonymous. With a growing majority of people booking their travel online, using exclusively online services like Uber and Airbnb, and doing all their research online, travel has moved from the local travel agency to the world wide web. FlightHub, a leading North American online travel agency, has grown up in the online travel revolution.

FlightHub reviews all the different ways they can help their travellers beyond simply offering flights. One way FlightHub does this is by recommending specific apps for travellers depending on where they are going. FlightHub has compiled a list of some of their most recommended apps for travellers.

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Google Translate

A no-brainer. Unless you have a near-native understanding of the language you’ll be immersed in, translating apps like Google Translate can be a life saver in a serious situation. While available offline for Android, iOS users can get offline translations using services like Yandex. If you are in a situation with full connectivity, FlightHub does recommend Google Translate, due to the broader range of languages available.

Trip Splitter

Ideal if you are travelling with a group, Trip Splitter helps keep track of who has paid for what, and who is due for the next round. In addition to keeping your companions accountable, Trip Splitter makes not easy to track your vacations expenditures and save many arguments.


Everyone know someone who overpacks. PackPoint is for them. PackPoint asks users a series of questions to determine what they need to pack, and what they can leave at home. The app takes into account where you are going, what your plans are, and how long you are gone to help determine the most efficient pack.


Cash free rides are king when abroad. Outside the fact that keeping cash on-hand can be troublesome while in a foreign country, these apps provide safe rides with great support in regards to where your driver is, where you are going, and estimated costs. You will need to check if your destination city supports these ride sharing programs before banking on their help though.

Google Maps

Available offline or online, Google Maps can give you peace of mind when exploring new cities. Just make sure you plan ahead and download your offline maps in the event you have limited or expensive service.

There are countless other apps FlightHub recommends. These include food apps like Yelp and OpenTable, weather apps so you can keep an eye on the sky, and apps for more personal emergencies like SitOrSquat which helps you find the closest public washrooms.