Amazon Kindle Paperwhite on Sale for $40 Off at $99 for Prime Members

If you’ve been considering an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, the company’s popular ebook reader is on sale for 29% off at $99, saving you $40 if you’re a Prime member.

Kindle paperwhite sale

The Kindle Paperwhite is powered by a 6-inch high resolution display and comes with a front-lit display, to allow you to read in any environment with less eye strain, compared to reading on a back-lit LCD.

Mother’s Day is next month, so if you’ve been waiting for the perfect gift, this could be it, and at $99, the current sale is better than the periodic $20 off, matching Black Friday pricing. If you’re not a Prime member, there’s a free trial which you can sign up for to buy the Kindle at this price.

Click here to jump on the Kindle Paperwhite while it’s still on sale “for a limited time only”.