KOHO Promo: 2.5% Cashback for Public Mobile Customers

Koho public mobile

If you’re a Public Mobile customer, you can save 2.5% on your prepaid phone plan by paying with a KOHO reloadable prepaid Visa card.

According to KOHO:

Prepaid Visa meets prepaid phone plans. You can now earn 2.5% cashback every time you pay on PublicMobile.ca with your KOHO card. You bring the phone, they’ll bring the plan, and we’ll bring that sweet cashback.

Head to your PowerUps for more details.

A KOHO reloadable prepaid Visa also supports Apple Pay, on top of a virtual card that you can use specifically for online purchases. The Toronto-based company recently secured $42 million Series B funding and has over 100,000 Canadian users. The target market is millennials looking to avoid high fees with traditional big banks.

Click here to sign up for KOHO and get a bonus 1% extra cashback for 90 days, which could mean a total of 3.5% off your first Public Mobile bill (click here to sign up and get $10 credit).

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