Koodo iPhone 8 Sale: $0 Upfront on Medium Tab Plus $100 Gift Card, Save $485

Koodo iphone 8

Koodo is currently offering Apple’s iPhone 8 for $0 upfront on Medium Tab, plus an additional gift card bonus at select dealers such as Best Buy and Walmart.

Normally, the iPhone 8 is $485 upfront on Medium Tab.

Koodo iphone 8 sale

Medium Tab comes with a $360 loan, which you repay at $15 per month for 24 months, on top of your plan, which starts at $50 with 4GB of data and 500 anytime minutes.

If you buy this iPhone 8 from Best Buy or Walmart, these retailers are offering a $100 store gift card as part of a bonus.

So essentially you’ll pay $0 upfront for an iPhone 8, which has a Tab balance of $360, to go with your minimum $50 plan over two years.

However, if you decide you’re not happy with your Koodo service, the CRTC Wireless Code allows you to cancel at anytime without penalty—all you have to do is repay any hardware balances.

So in this case that would mean the $360 Medium Tab balance, plus your $35 activation fee and prorated days of service you used. The iPhone 8 is yours after you repay the Medium Tab (and the $100 gift card too) and applicable taxes.

Apple.ca still sells the iPhone 8 for $819 right now, but with Koodo’s sale you’ll be getting the phone for $360 plus a $100 gift card (and activation fee, days of service plus taxes). If your kids have been bugging you for a new smartphone, this may be the time if they don’t need the latest.

The iPhone 8 debuted nearly two years ago so it’s not exactly the newest smartphone from Apple, but it should still get updates for years to come beyond this fall’s launch of iOS 13.

[via RFD]