Mujjo iPhone 6/6s Leather Wallet Case for 20% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]

If you’re on the hunt for a leather wallet case for your iPhone 6/6s, check out the following option from Mujjo, as their stylish case is on sale for 20% off at $39.95 USD, with free shipping to Canada and beyond.

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  • Premium quality vegetable-tanned leather
  • Tough edges withstand wear & tear while in a pocket
  • Slant-line pocket keeps cards positioned at an upward angle
  • Extremely slim design eliminates bulky pockets
  • Case openings expose the volume rockers, headphone-jack & lighting connector

Mujjo’s Moulded Edge Technology adds durability, plus the suede-lined interior keeps it safe against your phone, in a gorgeous design. The back card section can hold 2-3 cards, making it a great case for a night out without carrying your bulky wallet:

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It’s a snug fit and a great way to go minimalist on those outings when you don’t need your entire wallet:

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Click here to jump on the Mujjo iPhone 6/6s Leather Wallet Case, available in black or tan, while it’s still available.