NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller 26% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]

It’s time to play some games folks—with a sweet looking retro game controller! The NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller is on sale in our Deals Store for 26% off at $36.99 USD, which includes free shipping to Canada and beyond.

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This slick looking controller works for iOS and Android (and Windows and OS X), plus also works on third-party game platforms like Baidu or KO Gaming City, for example. It charges easily via micro USB and comes with 8 different gaming modes:

PC joystick
Android joystick
Bluetooth keyboard
iCade mode
Emu-Touch Screen mode
Wii remote mode
Wire USB controller
360 Xinput

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In the box you’ll find the NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller, NES-style USB cable, NES 30th Anniversary keychain and Ring holder.

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  • Play your favorite games on different platforms: iOS, Android, PC, etc.
  • Connect & use multiple controllers in multi-player mode for iOS/Mac
  • Use w/ 3rd-party game platforms on Baidu, KO Gaming City, etc.
  • Take advantage of the high-speed CPU & zero lag time
  • Add expansions in the future using the upgradeable firmware
  • Enjoy the retro, NES-inspired design
  • Take anywhere due to its sleek, slim construction

Click here to download the NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller while it’s still on sale!