Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure for Switch Back in Stock on Amazon Canada


Ring fit adventure in stock amazon

A popular ‘pandemic purchase’ (aside from trampolines, basketball hoops and pizza) has been Nintendo’s Switch console and its popular exercise accessory Ring Fit Adventure. Both have been sold out but now stock has been slowly coming at various retailers.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a Ring Fit Adventure, Amazon Canada has stock right now, as of writing, at the regular retail price of $99.99 CAD with Prime shipping speeds. Amazon says it’s in stock on August 21 with delivery by the 26th for Prime members.

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If you can’t be bothered to visit a store due to COVID-19, this may be the time to jump on the Ring Fit Adventure, ahead of any potential second waves of coronavirus this fall and winter during flu season, to get in those Nintendo workouts at home.

Click here to buy the Ring Fit Adventure on while it’s still available.