Nuance Dragon 5 for Mac on Sale for 25% Off [Deals]

If you’re tired of typing and want to dictate instead, now’s the time to jump on a digital copy of Nuance’s Dragon 5 for Mac, on sale for 25% off at $149.99 USD in our Deals Store.

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  • Wide-ranging functionality: dictate emails, complete reports & spreadsheets, surf the web, capture thoughts on-the-go & more
  • Adaptive tools for spelling words & proper names correctly
  • Personalized experience w/ custom word lists
  • Audio playback for easy proofreading
  • More microphone options, including supported Bluetooth microphones for headset-free usage

If you or someone you know wants to increase their productivity, Dragon 5 for Mac can make it happen, with its support for all microphones, including Bluetooth models.

Click here to jump on Dragon 5 for Mac while it’s still available—the sale ends in 7 hours.