Award-Winning Writing App Scrivener 2 on Sale for 50% Off [Deals]

If you want to become a better writer, organizing your thoughts is key, which is why Scrivener 2 will elevate your writing to the next level. The award-winning app for Mac and PC is on sale for 50% off at $22.50 USD in our Deals Store.

What makes Scrivener 2 so amazing is it lets you keep your ideas organized as you continue to write through to your final draft. Former Macworld editor Jason Snell said “Scrivener is one of the best finds of the last ten years.”


  • View & edit different sections of your writing in isolation or as a whole
  • Take a “snapshot” of a document, then edit & rewrite knowing you can restore an earlier revision at any time
  • Easily storyboard & rearrange your project
  • Utilize the fully-featured outliner to take control of the structure of your work
  • Switch to scriptwriting mode for automatic or custom formatting—then export to a dedicated scriptwriting program such as Final Draft
  • Load research documents or notes into floating windows for limitless access to reference material, even in full-screen mode
  • Synchronize the text of your project w/ mobile apps

Better organize yourself today with Scrivener 2 for Mac or PC, while it’s still on sale in our Deals Store!