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Sonos One Speaker on Sale for 20% Off on Amazon at $199

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Sonos one gen 1

If you’re looking for a Sonos One, the Gen 1 version of the speaker is on sale for 20% off on Amazon Canada right now at $199.96, saving you $49.04.

It’s worth noting this Gen 1 is the original version of the speaker that launched back in early 2018. There’s a newer Gen 2 which offers Bluetooth Low Energy, a faster processor and more memory, which most likely allows for future-proofing for more software updates.

Sonos one gen 1 amazon

Currently, the Sonos One Gen 2 sells for $250 from Canadian retailers. Is there a major difference between Gen 1 versus Gen 2 cosmetically or performance-wise? Not really, as you still get access to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant for your voice services, plus music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

The Sonos One can also be set up as a powerful stereo pair (they sound great), while the speaker also supports Apple’s AirPlay 2.

If you just want to save $50 and need a speaker right away, a Sonos One Gen 1 for $199 might be worth it, if you’re tired of waiting for a sale on Gen 2.

Click here to jump on the Sonos One Gen 1 on while the sale is still available.

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