Techtool Pro 8 for Mac on Sale for 60% Off [Deals]

If you want to go beyond basic diagnostics on your Mac to ensure it’s running at an optimized state, Techtool Pro 8 can help, and it’s currently on sale for 60% off in our Deals Store for $39.99 USD.

Techtool mac


  • Makes sure your RAM, processor, cache & more are running properly
  • Lets you boot, check, maintain & repair on-the-go
  • Detects problems causing files to get lost
  • Acts as an emergency startup w/ eDrive
  • Prevents data loss & lets you undelete a file you didn’t mean to trash
  • Keeps an eye on your LAN & tracks devices that have been in use
  • Tests & repairs damaged directories and corrupted hard drives
  • Prevents crashes & program areas associated w/ RAM
  • Creates duplicates of your volumes to back up data
  • Performs file & volume optimization
Techtool mac2

Techtool Pro 8 supports OS X 10.8 or higher, including El Capitan. It can help prevent issues before they start on your Mac and can be an essential tool to help you manage your computers at home or work. The software dubs itself as the most advanced Mac repair utility available on the market.

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