Get The Closest Thing To A Tricorder in Your Pocket With The Sensordrone [Deals]

If you’re an addict when it comes to knowing the temperature around you and your environment and more, you might want to check out the Sensordrone, which is on sale for 25% off in our Deals Store, at $149.

The Sensordrone started out on Kickstarter and raised over $170,000 in funding (they originally wanted $25,000 only). This pocket-sized device that can fit on your keychain is a multifunction sensor which uses iOS and Android apps to turn you into a sensor freak.

Here are the sensors built into the device:

  • Precision Gas Sensor – Test air quality, carbon monoxide levels, and blood alcohol content
  • Reducing Gas Sensor – Sense methane, propane, and natural gas leaks
  • Oxidizing Gas Sensor – Ozone sensing and chlorine leaks
  • Non-Contact Thermometer – Check food temperature, engine diagnostics, and whatever else you point it at
  • Humidity Sensor – Check heat index, but also great for finding optimum food storage conditions, even preventing mold from growing in your home
  • Temperature Sensor – Measure ambient temperature
  • Light Sensor – For checking light intensity, sunlight monitoring, or even late night refrigerator use
  • Color Sensors – Use as a color meter, color matcher/analyzer, even pattern recognition
  • Pressure Sensor – Works as a barometer or altimeter, and you can connect to a pressure cuff to act as a blood pressure monitor
  • Proximity Sensor – Use it as a stud finder or liquid level monitor
  • Expansion Connector – Digital (TTL UART & i2C) and analog (0-3V) interface for connecting other sensors like EKGs, Thermal Printers, and more

Check out the demo video below to learn more:

Shipping to Canada is reasonable via USPS, as an example postal code to Vancouver was $11.55.

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