Sign-In Without Passwords: True Key by Intel Premium License for 56% Off [Deals]

Intel Security’s True Key technology allows you to login to websites without needing to remember or organize passwords. All you need is your face, fingerprint or devices you’ve approved to access apps and websites.
Right now, our Deals Store is offering huge sales on premium licenses for this award-winning service, with the 3-year plan available for 56% off at $25.99 USD. The 5-year plan is 53% off, while a one-year license is 20% off.
True key intel
Don’t risk using the same password over and over as that compromises your privacy and data. True Key supports iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and more.
  • Log in securely for instant access to your apps & websites
  • Access from any device – True Key syncs to your phone, tablet & computer
  • Verify access to the app w/ your face, fingerprint, or via devices you trust for total security
  • Store & manage up to 10,000 passwords securely in the True Key™ app, accessible only by you via devices you’ve approved
  • Sync passwords automatically to your phones, tablets, & computers for easy access on any approved device

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