You Can Now Buy Apple Refurb M1 MacBook Airs in Canada from $1,099

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Apple Canada has launched refurbished units of its latest M1 MacBook Air, priced from $1,099 CAD, saving you $200 off retail.

There are various configurations available, from 8-core CPU and 8-core/7-core GPU versions.

Check out what’s available below for refurbished 13.3-inch M1 MacBook Air models…

Apple released the M1 MacBook Air back in November 2020, alongside the 13.3-inch M1 MacBook Pro; the latter is also available in the refurbished store.

Refurbished Macs have a 15-day return policy and 1 year limited warranty, just like buying retail.

We love our M1 MacBook Air (aside from a random reboot issue) as it’s blazing fast, and battery life lasts more than enough for a full workday.

Click here to shop and buy a refurbished M1 MacBook Air while they are still available.