Gmail, YouTube, and Other Google Services Face Outages Across the Globe [Update]


[Update] It appears as though Google’s many platforms are up and running once again in Canada for the time being. Users in other countries are still experiencing the outage.

Many of Google’s services are currently experiencing outages around the globe. Users have been confronted with error codes when accessing Google’s Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

This morning, starting at roughly 7 AM ET, a severe Google outage became widespread across the company’s many services. Users were unable to log in and access their accounts. Reports are coming in across the world. From a first-hand perspective, Canada was affected. However, the US, South America, Europe, Australia, and India are hit with the outage as well.

There does not appear to be an explanation as to what caused the outage. Based on many user reports, it appears as though it stems from an authentication issue., for instance, is still up and running. However, any Google service that requires the user to sign in to their Google account is being heavily affected.

As of the time of writing, Google has not made a formal statement regarding the matter. Given the severity of the outage, it may be a while until the issue is solved across the globe.