Google Meet Surpasses 50 Million Downloads on the Play Store

Google Meet has surpassed 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Video conferencing services have seen a drastic rise in users over the course of the COVID-19 outbreak. Google Meet is one of the few that has seen a spike in usage as more people are looking for ways to stay in touch.

According to AndroidPolice, the surge in downloads began in March. As AppBrain data shows, Google Meet exceeded the 5 million download mark at the top of the month. Google’s next milestone was met only 20 days later when the number of downloads doubled to 10 million. Now, only two months later, Google Meet has surpassed 50 million downloads.

While COVID-19 can be seen as a major contributor to why users are flocking to the service, Google itself has helped bolster this number. Recently, Google made its video conferencing service free to anyone with a Google account. Prior to that announcement, Google Meet was a paid service only available to G Suite users.

In an effort to keep up with the likes of Zoom, and Skype. Google has made its service free to all users. Like Zoom, Google Meet can support one host and up to 100 participants. The usage of Google Meet has become an attractive alternative to Zoom. Over the months, Zoom has been criticized for its shortcomings in regard to user security.