How to Increase Your iPhone Speaker Volume by 100%

One of the problems with the iPhone I find (along with many others) is the less than stellar speaker volume. I know 1.1.1 was supposed to address this issue, and some have tried the 3rd party software route of AudioAmp, but none of those methods have made a significant change. I am going to tell you a trick today on how to increase your iPhone speaker volume–by at least 50-100%!

This mod requires some intense training and will require you to invest in some expensive materials. For this iPhone speaker mod, you will require:

  • a needle or clothespin img_2379-medium.JPG
  • some patience/courage/determination
  • …and a sense of humor 😉

How to Increase your iPhone Speaker Volume

  1. Before we being…test our your external speaker by calling yourself, or listening to an mp3. Try to remember the volume level.
  2. Take your needle or clothespin and gently poke it into the speaker holes on your iPhone (Where is the speaker? the speaker is below the Home button, on the bottom left; the right is the mic).
    • Don’t poke too deep, poke about 2 millimeters or so, or until you feel the needle/clothespin penetrating material. You will see some white residue that looks like dried glue of some sort.
    • This is what you will be poking your needle through: iphonespeaker2-small.jpg
    • This is what it looks like behind the protective material:
    • iphonespeaker1-small.jpg (images thanks to Mr. Geddy from flickr)
  3. That’s it! Now, go back to your speaker test…and voila! Your volume should be increased substantially! On my iPhone, the speaker volume is nice and LOUD, compared to before. Love it!

Get ready to do something like this…


Things to think about…

  • Some people posted about the possibility of DUST entering through these newly penetrated holes. Yes, that is possible, but it’s not like you’re using a drill and making massive holes here. We’ve just puncturing the material that is impeding the speaker’s performance.
  • If you’re worried about dust, maybe you should avoid this mod altogether. Dust will enter any electronic device, regardless. Personally, I think it’s worth it since there’s no point in having your iPhone if you can’t hear it ringing in your pocket!

Thanks to skorpiond ( forums) for the heads up on this!

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