App Review: PhoneView

I came across a few posts today discussing a newly revised app called PhoneView, brought to us by a company called ECAMM. What i found interesting about this app is the impressive list of features that it boasts, without the need to Jailbreak your iPhone.

The main feature that caught my attention was the ability (in V2.3) to copy your voicemail messages to your computer and save them as audio files. Until this PhoneView, the only means that has allowed me to do this flawlessly has been VoicemailForwarder, a program available via Cydia on a Jailbroken iPhone.

Since the release of OS 3.1 I have not Jailbroken my iPhone 3GS. I know that the DevTeam as well as GeoHot have both released tools to allow for Jailbreaking on 3GS devices using 3.1 or 3.1.2, however, over the past few months, I’ve actually enjoyed not have a Jailbroken iPhone. Less crashes, better battery life and no software issues have been wonderful.

For those of you trying a Jailbreak-Free approach to your iPhone 3GS, I recommend giving PhoneView a try. If you’re interested in trying before you buy, I’m not sure that they offer a free demo, but a quick search of some of your favorite sites should reveal some options. 😉

A few of the features that PhoneView offers:

Use your iPhone as a Disk Create, Edit and Save Notes
Play and Export Music View and Export Call History
Search and Save SMS/MMS Export Synced Photos
Download Camera Photos Export Contacts
Save Voicemails   Play and Save Voice Memos

* This app is available for MAC only at the moment.