iPhoneinCanada’s Trigger Happy Summer 

This is the first in a series of some of the must-have accesories and apps to help make your summer photo-taking a memorable one with your iPhone 4(S). 


The Land of the Morning Sun.

They’ve brought us such now-staples in the Western World such as Hello Kitty, Transformers, Nintendo, Pocky and sushi.

Now you add the Gizmon ICA to the list.

The Gizmon ICA is a full-out case that turns your iPhone into a full-blown lookalike of the classic Leica cameras.  And yes, it’s just a case that protects the back of your phone, and doesn’t do anything spectacular with your photos.

But it definitely a head-turner and a fun case!

While the Gizmon ICA covers the back of your iPhone, the entire screen is left exposed, which works well to

You are probably are wondering, this series is supposed to be about photography, and the best apps and accessories to help make your summer with the iPhone camera best yet.

But how will the Gizmon ICA make you a better iPhotographer?

This is where the (yes, sold separately) tripod accessory comes in handy.  The Gizmon tripod comes with a (dock) that rests your Gizmon ICA encased iPhone onto the tripod, and fools even the most seasoned photographer into thinking that your phone is a classic Leica camera.

I was also sent the optional leather carrying strap (which comes in black or brown), a nice detail that adds to the novelty of the fun case.

Gizmon also thoughtfully placed a trigger button that mimics the feel of an actual camera trigger.

Admittedly, it was very difficult to put together the Gizmon case, but after assembling, taking apart and reassembling the case, the learning curve dropped from 15 minutes (yes, it took me that long!) down to 30 seconds.

Gizmon also included another ‘lens’ to give a look that harkens back to the ‘Mad-Men’ era, depending on if you want to be the ‘hip’ photographer, or a more ‘seasoned’ one.

You can use the viewfinder to take pictures, if you really want to go retro, but I suggest sticking with the iPhone’s screen as I did catch myself messing up the shot with my nose.

Other Optional Features

If you take a look at the lens area of the Gizmon ICA, you will notice that Gizmon has made it possible to purchase different

lenses ranging from fisheye to Mirage 3R filters.


Final Verdict

Gizmon’s ICA is a hip, and fun case that still has some features that make you forget you have a phone in your hands.

While other accessories out there attempt to enhance your photography experiences, the Gizmon unabashedly adds a fun (and very welcome) dimension to photo-taking with your iPhone, adding a different, more social experience to protection (as a case sure to stir conversations) and design (it looks like an old Leica Rangefinder).

When you’re out and about for the summer, this case will definitely catch the attention of people around you, and Gizmon has made it easy to upgrade many functions (tripod, lens, flashes) that turn this nifty-looking case into a full-featured, and hip camera.

You can purchase the Gizmon ICA on their website, eBay, and other specialty shops in Canada (in black, brown and white).

Keep checking iPhoneinCanada for more of the best apps and accessories to help you make the most of the powerful camera of the iPhone 4S.