How to Adjust your Bedtime in the Clock App on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [VIDEO]

How to adjust your bedtime

If you’re new to iOS, Apple continues to share tutorials on its Apple Support YouTube channel, detailing step-by-step videos on performing various functions on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and more.

The latest video details “How to adjust your bedtime in the Clock app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch,” so you can “go to bed on time and wake up to a gentle alarm.” The Bedtime feature lets you set active days of the week, where you’ll be reminded to go to bed so you can get the optimum number of hours of sleep you set.

The Bedtime feature can also track your sleep on your iPhone as well, showing you a visual history of your sleep over time. Data from Bedtime also automatically shows up in the Health app on your iPhone.