How To Unlock Your Apple iPhone 1.1.2

How to Unlock Your Apple iPhone 1.1.2

Did you happen to buy a NEW Apple iPhone from the USA within the past month or so? Have you been bugging that friend or relative down in the States to pick you up a precious iPhone lately? Well, if that has been the case, you need to be aware that the new Apple iPhones with firmware version 1.1.2 cannot be unlocked at the moment! They can be “jailbreaked” and activated (with some complex tutorials; more on that in a later post), but currently the new out of the box (OTB is an acronym you’ll see lots for this) iPhones come with the 4.6 version bootloader (modem firmware) which has yet to be “free as a bird” shall we say by the iPhone community.

Some people have been salivating about the thought of unlocking their 1.1.2 iPhone but that will have to wait. I know of a few friends who have 1.1.2 iPhones…and it is just painful to see your beautiful device sitting there doing nothing! It’s like owning an expensive paperweight! Why can’t the 1.1.2 iPhone unlock solution be released already? I hear this all the time. Sorry, it’s just not possible. Here, play with my unlocked and fully functional iPhone in the meantime (hehe)!

“Nooooooooo!! You’re lying!” Actually, I’m not. It’s not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when” this new bootloader will be cracked and ready to roll. In the meantime, how does one unlock an iPhone OTB (remember what this means again? re-read the first paragraph if you forgot) 1.1.2? Well, the solution is a simple one, but it will cost you. It’s called using a chip called the TurboSIM.

With the TurboSIM, you modify the SIM card from your cellphone to fit into TurboSIM tray. This tray than goes into your iPhone like any regular SIM. What it does is it tricks the iPhone into thinking your SIM card is a legitimate carrier, therefore freeing up your iPhone! You won’t have to do any software hacking and this solution does seem as the easiest way to unlock your 1.1.2 iPhone! You can also update your firmware and you iPhone will stay unlocked with the TurboSIM. Pretty cool.

Calm down, calm down! Since new OTB (there it is AGAIN!) 1.1.2 iPhones cannot be unlocked yet, sales of TurboSIM solutions have exploded and now they are very low in supply. This has in turn created a massive demand for the remaining stock, so you’re looking at paying anywhere from $105-175US on eBay for one of these things.

Pictures of the TurboSIM:


There are some things to consider if you decide to go with your TurboSIM.

  • It’s expensive: paying $150US for the TurboSIM solution is a HUGE cost! That’s more than 30% of the iPhone’s retail value.
  • Cutting up your SIM: what happens when you get another phone (and it’s not an iPhone!) and your precious SIM card has been cut up to fit the TurboSIM?
  • Hardware issues: the TurboSIM could damage your SIM card if you install it incorrectly, as it requires some modification. Try getting some warranty support with that. The conversation might go as follows: “Hi…err…someone cut up my SIM card…umm…can I get a new one?”
  • Although expensive, it’s one of the easiest solutions to unlock your iPhone. This will result in less stress, worries, and headaches. No more searching on Google and experimenting with software unlock solutions.

So there you have it…the only solution out right now that will unlock your iPhone 1.1.2 OTB (again!). 🙂

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