iCall VoIP App Makes Free Calls to Landlines in USA/Canada

If you’re an iPhone user and you have a jailbroken iPhone, you’re probably familiar with 3G Unrestrictor and VoIPOver3G to allow Skype to make calls over 3G. With a cheap $3/month subscription plan, Skype can make unlimited calls to phones in Canada and the USA. This is awesome, but what about a FREE VoIP alternative with free Caller ID?

iCall VoIP Allows Free Calls to Landlines in USA/Canada With Caller ID

Thanks to a quick tweet from @rickmex via twitter, iCall is the solution for people who want to save their daytime minutes. The free ad supported version allows for free calls to landlines in Canada/USA over 3G/WiFi, plus your Caller ID is included.

I gave iCall a quick test and the sound quality over 3G/WiFi was pretty good and comparable to Skype. To verify your account you will be required to dial a US number on the iPhone (it wouldn’t dial out because there was no “1” so I manually dialed the verification number via Skype). The only downside is that there’s no speakerphone option. Other than that, this is a pretty neat app for making free calls to landlines using your 3G data plan! Free calls are limited to 3 minutes though. Free is still free right? 😉

Features of iCall:

  • FREE ad-supported USA & Canadian calling!
  • Receive VoIP calls even when the app is not running
  • Switch cell phone calls to VoIP
  • Calls don’t count towards your cell-calling plan
  • Dirt-cheap international rates
  • No roaming charges
  • Compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch. Turn your iPod Touch into a real phone (microphone and headset required for iPod users)
  • Paid plans and premium features available for power users!

Let me know how iCall works out for you. It’s definitely an interesting app for making free calls to landlines on your iPhone!

Click here to download iCall.