Top Sources List for Cydia and Installer 4

Okay so by now you’ve probably read about my experiences updating my first gen iPhone from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1 and also jailbreaking my iPhone 3G (2.0.1). Both processes were completed on Windows using WinPwn

So of course after the jailbreak, two of the most important applications are Cydia and Installer 4. Cydia has emerged as the source for apps and themes to customize your iPhone. Installer 4 is still in its beta stage so expect a bit more from it coming soon.

One of the most helpful Cydia apps is MobileSubstrate, which will enable you to make Skype calls over 3G. By using this app with Skype’s $2.95US/month unlimited calling to Canada/USA, you can bypass your carrier’s expensive long distance charges! For example, long distance within Canada costs $0.35/min on Rogers, but Skype will cost you $0.02/min!

Click here on how to download Skype in Canada by creating a free US iTunes account without credit card.

Here are a list of my sources for Cydia (some are by default):
– BigBoss & Planet-iPhone:
– ModMyiFone:
– Ste Packaging:
– iSpazio:
– Telesphoreo Tangelo:
– ZodTTD:

Other notables:
– intelliborn:
– FreeCoder:
– Hack&
– SaladSoft:
– iPhoneCake:
– WeiPhone:
– iFoneTec:
– iSpazio:
– Andy Dam:
– Steffwiz:

To add sources: Launch Cydia—>Manage—>Sources—>Edit—>Add—>enter the URL—>click Add Source

Here are the sources for Installer 4 so far:
– RiP Dev –
– BigBoss’s Apps and Things. –
– iSpazio Official –
– Ste Packaging –
– ClubiFone –
– –
– a27 Dev Team:
– Hackmyiphone:
– Wildcat:
– iClarified:
– Modmyifone:

To add sources: Launch Installer 4—>Sources—>Edit—>click the “+”—>type in source URL—>click Done

Big thanks to the MacRumors forums and iPodTouchFans forums for helping with compiling this! I haven’t tested all of these sources so be wise about it! 🙂 If you have some sources that I did not list, feel free to add them in the comments.