iOS 6 Wi-Fi Bug Causing Data Overages Makes CTV News BC

Looks like the former iOS 6 Wi-Fi bug causing data overages has received some media attention via CTV News BC.

A report by CTV’s Consumer Reporter Lynda Steele takes a look at a particular case that involves Fido, where customer Derek Finnamore was noticed increase usage of his data plan compared to before:

“I had apparently used 3.61GB of data in October, more than any other month in my previous three years of iPhone use, and many times greater than my previous monthly average,”


“I then went into my data history and took 30 day averages of before and after I installed iOS6 on my iPhone 3GS. My starting average was 29MB/day and my post-iOS6 average was 137MB/day,”

We reported on the bug back in the beginning of October after hearing multiple accounts from readers on all three major carriers suffering from data overages in iOS 6. Fido’s community forums declared there was no issue related to their network. Later in November, it was discovered the bug appeared within Apple’s Podcast iOS app, which caused data leaks. Updating to iOS 6.0.1 fixes the problem.

Are you still suffering from data leaks over Wi-Fi in iOS 6.0.1?