iOS 7 Features You’ll Love [Part 2]

A week ago, we started a virtual tour of Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 and presented a couple of features that capture the eye instantly as you turn your iPhone on. We are diving into iOS 7 beta 1 day by day, so after adding another 7 days of usage, here are a couple more features you’ll certainly love in iOS 7.



Although there is an app for that, Apple has finally decided to drop its virtual keyboard pattern and simplified the design, adding more white. iMessage is no exception, as you can see from the above image: it retains the same colours for messages to distinguish iMessages from SMS messages (iMessage: blue, SMS: green). But this isn’t all: a great addition to iMessage is that you can finally click on a link, and it will automatically open the link in Safari. This was a much-needed addition. (ed. note: this is already available in iOS 6)



I have to admit that I love the improved mobile Safari. Beyond the simplified icons, there is so much more than in iOS 6. Your mobile Safari pages are now easier to access than in iOS 6, as you scroll through them with a single move.

ios7-icloud tabs

And this swipe up movement will also bring up your iCloud tabs open on other devices. No more cumbersome moves and searching for iCloud tabs – they are there and visible whenever you need them.


Also, under the Reading List icon there are three tabs: Bookmarks, Shared Links and Reading List. You’ll love to use Shared links, because it contains all the links shared on Twitter by the people you follow.

App Store


My favourite addition, beyond the automated app updates — which, let’s admit it, can become a drag sometimes — is the ability to create a wish list in the App Store. You spot an app, and if you don’t want to buy, it you can add it to your wish list. It would be even greater if Apple would add a notification feature to its App Store, notifying users about price cuts of the apps they want to buy.

Want to know more about the new exciting features iOS 7 comes with this fall? Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted as we dig into Apple’s latest mobile OS.