Air Miles Collectors: Redeem 5400 Miles for a 32GB Wi-Fi Retina iPad mini

Are you an Air Miles collector? If you are and you need a 32GB Wi-Fi Retina iPad mini (come on, everybody needs an iPad mini), the latter has been added to the Dream Rewards catalogue to be redeemed for 5,400 miles.

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Typically, 5,400 Air Miles is worth about $568 in cash. A new 32GB Wi-Fi Retina iPad mini costs $519 plus tax (12% in BC works out to $581.21), so if you redeem with your Air Miles you’re actually saving roughly $13 and you’re getting the tablet for ‘free’.

The details note this is for a silver Retina iPad mini and it includes shipping and taxes (ships within 4 weeks). For all you Safeway shoppers that have accumulated tonnes of Air Miles and bonus miles buying toilet paper, this might be worth jumping on.

[via RFD]