Apple Pencil Tested with Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Software on iPad Pro


The new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are definitely aimed at creative professionals. But is the Pencil worth the investment? Creative Bloq briefly tested it using Adobe’s new Creative Cloud software, so actually, they have killed three birds with one stone. Their takeaway: The Apple Pencil was the most natural stylus they have ever experienced.

Adobe designed its Creative Cloud software to take advantage of the iPad Pro’s wide screen and pixel density, so the creation process is smooth, Creative Bloq reports. But they couldn’t exactly tell how much of this was down to the hardware and how much to the software:

You draw light strokes, you get fine lines. You press down on the Pencil, you get heavy ones. And all the while there’s absolutely no lag at all, which makes you almost forget you aren’t using an actual physical pencil.

Since you use the Pencil like a real pencil, the angle of tilt is very important: “The more you tilt the Pencil, the more ‘water’ you lay down so the watercolour blends a lot more.”

The testing period has admittedly melted the skepticism of the creative professional who tested the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil with the Adobe app. Now it remains to be seen whether its rivals can up the ante.