Gene Munster Black Friday Study: 11 iPads Per Hour vs. Zero Surface Tablets

Black Friday was a hit. Well, at least for some companies (Apple), while Microsoft just cannot make this claim. Turns out its recently launched and pushed-with-‘click’-ads Surface tablet just isn’t what consumers really want.

Apple Store iPad

Fortune has already posted a short video comparing a Microsoft Store and an Apple Store on Saturday, which had already suggested exactly what Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray put down into numbers this morning.

According to Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Gene Munter’s crew spent eight tough hours on Black Friday — just like they usually do on Black Friday — counting the people stepping into Apple’s Minneapolis Store located in the Mall of America, and another two hours monitoring the Microsoft Store across the hall.

From what they measured: The Apple Store showed about 47% more foot traffic than the Microsoft store, and visitors purchased 17.2 items per hour in the Apple Store, compared to 3.5 items per hour in the competitor’s store, buying Xbox games (two of the 3.5).

In addition, the iPad was the most popular Apple item buyers sought to purchase. To put it into numbers, the Gene Munster study shows Apple sold 11 iPads per hour, while Microsoft sold zero Surface tablets. This is bad news for Microsoft.