Nearly Half Of iPad Mini Buyers Are New Customers [Survey]

A survey of over 1,000 U.S. consumers published today by Morgan Stanley and AlphaWise reveals that almost half of all iPad Mini customers are new to the iPad. Analyst Katy Huberty believes that even though the smaller iPad is cannibalizing Retina iPad sales, the trend will help grow Apple’s tablet market share significantly (via AppleInsider). 

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According to the survey, 47% of iPad Mini purchasers are new to Apple, accounting for 34% of planned iPad purchases. However, iPad mini is currently attracting slightly fewer new users than its larger sibling. The report says that while 47% of iPad mini buyers were new to the platform, almost 56% of Retina iPad buyers were new customers as well.

Huberty said these numbers show her that the cannibalization risk Apple faces with the iPad mini is “manageable.”

The survey also found that Apple grew its tablet installed base the fastest of any company, and its shipment share it expected to stay flat at 50 percent in the U.S. next year. It also found that Apple again has the strongest retention rate in the industry, with 81 percent of iPad owners saying they will stick with Apple.

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Interestingly, 35% of those who did not own any tablet also said they plan to buy an iPad.