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Rumour Claims Apple Building 12-inch LCD for Larger iPad with OEM Quanta

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12.9-inch iPad mockup vs iPad vs iPad mini (via MacRumors)

A fresh rumoured has surfaced claiming Apple is working with one of its suppliers Quanta to build a 12-inch LCD for a larger iPad, reports United Daily News (via Macotakara), with the loose Google Translation below:

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Market also reported in the supply chain to win new Apple product orders under Quanta also have the opportunity to grab iPad related OEM orders, even rumored Apple is developing a 12-inch iPad, Quanta also involved.

UDN also claims Apple is expected to refresh its MacBook Pro lineup in October. Taiwan-based Quanta, the world’s largest manufacturer of notebooks in the world and an Apple supplier, is apparently looking to diversify to offset the decline of notebook sales.

Rumours of a larger 12.9-inch iPad first surfaced in May dubbed the ‘maxi’, with the WSJ later confirming in July Apple was asking its suppliers for larger iPad prototypes up to 13-inches.

Would you ever consider a 12-inch or larger iPad?

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