The Ultimate Tablet Display Shoot-Out: Surface RT Vs. iPad 3 Vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1 [DisplayMate]

Folks over at DisplayMate have ran an in-depth series of Mobile Display Technology Shoot-Out tests in order to examine the performance of the Microsoft Surface RT as compared to Apple iPad 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (for the best display among 10 inch Android Tablets). Find out who wins after the jump!

Screen Shot 2012 11 13 at 12 27 41 AM

DisplayMate’s test revealed that Microsoft Surface RT’s display outperforms all of the standard resolution full size 10 inch Tablets. The source notes that on-screen text is significantly sharper, it has a better factory display calibration, and also significantly lower screen Reflectance than the iPad 2 and all full size 1280×800 Android Tablets. However, it is no way near as sharp as the iPad 3 or 4, nor does it have their large full Color Gamut.

The Surface RT out performs the display on the iPad 2 across the board except for the Color Gamut. The Surface RT is comparable or better than the iPad 3 in all test categories except two: Screen Resolution and Color Gamut. The iPad 3 has a much higher resolution of 2048×1536 and a much larger 99 percent Color Gamut. In terms of visual sharpness, the Surface RT with ClearType Sub-Pixel Rendering improves text sharpness significantly so that it is significantly sharper than the iPad 2, but not as sharp as the iPad 3. In terms of the Color Gamut, the new iPad 3 has significantly better color saturation and color accuracy.

Below is a chart comparing the displays for the three tablets, based on objective measurement data and criteria.

Screen Shot 2012 11 13 at 12 32 20 AM

For more information, see the Microsoft Surface RT Display Technology Shoot-Out article.