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Is Your iPhone 3GS Missing Some iOS 5 Features?

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With the launch of iOS 5 beta, Apple confirmed that the latest firmware is compatible with the iPhone 3GS. However, we have received some reports that iPhone 3GS users on iOS 5 may have some iOS 5 features disabled.

So far it seems that iPhone 3GS users are affected as follows:

  • Significantly slower performance than the iPhone 4
  • No access to photo editing features via the Photos app
  • No camera access from the lock screen as with the iPhone 4

iPhone 3G users will be familiar with past firmware when iPhone 3GS users received the multitasking feature but iPhone 3G users were cut off.

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If you own an iPhone 3GS that has iOS 5 loaded, what features have you not been able to use? Post your finds below!

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