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Apple Manufacturer Catalogue Claims Reported June iPhone 5S Launch

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A Shenzen-based manufacturer’s presentation catalog provides some useful information to those who are eager to upgrade to Apple’s next generation iPhone.

The catalog, which apparently was shared with Techcrunch, details new cases and chargers for iPhone devices alongside Qi-enabled wireless chargers and dongles for the iPhone 5, and points to the June release of what they call iPhone 5S.

The Shenzen-based manufacturer, which remained anonymous, has an interesting inside track to Foxconn, Biggs says. The company is an Apple certified provider working with Foxconn directly “to launch product immediately” as the new devices hit the market.

While the information remains a rumour until confirmation by Apple, this sort of information leak is unique, especially considering it includes a launch date and a direct contact to a certified manufacturer.

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The above information leak is in line with earlier reports projecting the highly anticipated iPhone 5S launch in June. There were previous rumours stating iPhone 5S production was already underway at Foxconn, and that there won’t be any essential design changes.

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